08 July, 2009

Best Thing Ever: Vintage B-52's Live Videos

Full disclosure: the B-52's' debut LP ranks among my favorite records of all time. Appearing out of the nowhere of Athens, GA in 1979 They were a unique act which always seemed for me Devo's spiritual compatriot. But where the Ohio act took its art-punk leanings from the industrial Midwest, the swamp-dwelling B-52's crafted an infectious post-surf-punk girl-group aesthetic that even they could never recapture.

Today, while trolling YouTube as I often do, I stumbled upon something rare and wondrous. Kelly Mills has done an invaluable service by posting a very early B-52's live show at Atlanta's Downtown Cafe in 1978. These are some amazing videos, showing the early raw energy of a band that unfortunately came to be known for slick silliness.

Go to Kelly Mills' channel to see all the videos, including "Dance this Mess Around" and "52 Girls."

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