13 May, 2009

New Wilco - Bull Black Nova (And, Well, the Rest of Wilco [The Album] Really)

Back when I used to drag myself out of bed every day to physically attend my college classes, an overenthusiastic Theater History prof cornered me in the hallway one day to talk about the Wilco t-shirt I was wearing.

It was as awkward as it sounds, full of the usual "yeah, man, they're a great band!" and frequent glances at my wristwatch, but it drove home a fact I had always known secondhand: Wilco are huge in a way few bands outside of the Dave Matthews-demographic ever reach. There was palpable glee in this grad student's eyes as he recounted his first encounter with YHF in nauseating detail.

Which is all relevant, I guess, because Wilco have a new album coming out, and it's streaming in its entirety from their website right now.

IGIF have kindly posted track 4 from the record for your listening pleasure. It's a groovy, rhythmic number that showcases that non-AM radio side of Wilco that we've all been longing for after the sleepwalk of Sky Blue Sky. Hurry up'n get it, kids, it "won't be up forever."

mp3-> Wilco - Bull Black Nova [from Wilco (The Album), out June 30 on Nonesuch]


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