17 February, 2009

Video: The Presets - If I Know You

Sultry new-wave duo the Presets return with a new video for "If I Know You," from their recent (kinda 'meh') album Apocalypso..

Sitting in Cal State Fullerton's venerable (cough) Pollack Library, idly making the blog rounds that I'd neglected during a workweek-long sojourn to Norcal, I off-handedly link-hop from IGIF to Pitchfork to the Presets' myspace.

And suddenly--halfway through the first chorus--Holy Fuck, this song rules. The hook sinks in and won't let go (I've spun it 11 times since the beginning of this post), with singer Julian Hamilton's androgynous lament swelling and falling above ghostly synths, reverbed piano, and a minimal 80s synthpop pulse.

It's good stuff and all, and the surreally overexposed LA cityscape of the video is the perfect compliment. It also leads me to wonder why I never meet any of these cool dance-cult LA kids at any of the local parties.


10 points if you spot Obama.

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