07 May, 2010

new music: las robertas

It's like Best Coast and the Vivian Girls are opening up franchises around the world!

Seriously though, I meant to post these awesome lady punk jams from San Jose, Costa Rica's Las Robertas yesterday when I spied 'em on GvsB, but I was crashing on somebody's floor so it didn't happen.

Making up for it right now: Las Robertas' first record Cry Out Loud is available for freezies via their Bandcamp. Check out the first track "History is Done" and then head on over to get that shiz.

<a href="http://lasrobertas.bandcamp.com/album/cry-out-loud">History is Done by Las Robertas</a>

Isn't it great what happens to rock music once it gets down ol' South America way?


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