15 December, 2009

New Music: Gigi

I know, I know. But behind the stupid name is a pretty great concept and some fucking amazing tunes.

Loosely K-affiliated Vancouver musician Nick Krgovich and producer Colin Stewart set out with a simple premise: "In the spring of 2005 Stewart acquired two huge vintage plate reverbs and, eager to use them in a way that befit their history, he asked Krgovich to come up with a couple songs in the vein of classic Phil Spector/Brill Building pop hits and invited a large group of musician friends into the Hive Studios to record the songs live-off-the-floor."

From there, Gigi spiraled into a three-year long project involving everyone from Anacortes, WA Godlike Genius Karl Blau to that dude from Final Fantasy.

mp3-> Gigi - The Old Graveyard (ft. Karl Blau) [from Maintenant, out 1/26 on Tomlab]


mp3-> Gigi - I'm Not Coming Out Tonight (ft. Sydney Vermon and Marissa Johnson) [from Maintenant, out 1/26 on Tomlab]


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