25 March, 2009

Celebration is Giving Away All Their Music, But Then Their Website Broke

Brooklyn noisemakers/TVOTR bosom buddies Celebration are supposedly releasing all their music--ever--for free.

Via Beach House's myspace blog:

Our Friends Celebration are cutting out the middle man and putting new songs
straight onto the www.......Look here http://celebrationelectrictarot.com/
to hear their wonderful music and read their manifesto!
Good luck getting that website to work for you, though.

Seeing as how I can't actually access the "manifesto" at this point, I'll take Gorilla vs. Bear's word for it:

We as Celebration, have felt the continual growth of web culture's need for
barrier-free exchange. We also feel that the traditional methods of releasing
music have put too much distance between us...Our plan and experiment is to post
new songs monthly, as we create and record them. Under the creative commons
attribution non-commercial share alike license, all of our new music will be
free to download on our new website. When we have enough music for an album, we
will release it on vinyl for those who want to have something to hold. As
artists we can only stand for our music, our art, our creation. So here it
is--laid bare.

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