05 February, 2009

New Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader (previously "2HUD") Live

You may have heard this live rendition of a new song--from Grizzly Bear's forthcoming follow-up to 2006's Yellow House--when it was performed at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts back in August as "2HUD", part of a live bootleg [via JP's Blog] that's been floating around for awhile.

Photo c/o JP's Blog

Gorilla vs. Bear is reporting that Grizzly Dude Ed Droste has been twittering little bits and pieces about the new album, and today revealed the track's true title, "Cheerleader."

Among the revelations: the album title starts with a "V," it's "halfway done mixing," and it can be described as "neverending story without Falcor (except when Victoria sings I get a falcor dream vibe)."

mp3-> Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader (Live at the Boston Museum of Fine Art 8/14/08)


Also note the new mp3 player and new general layout and media choices to make the site more user-friendly and, well, legit.

EDIT: 2/10/09: It's called Veckatimest

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